I specialise in amazing portraits or people,  I create outstanding executive portraits and quality personal branding. 
I get immense satisfaction showing the real authentic you. 
I have been doing this a long time and take great pride in getting the right shot for your needs.  Not sure of your needs? That's my job to find out and work with you, there may be something you haven't thought about.
A lot of people dislike being in front of the camera. That's understandable and it's my job to help you relax and give you an experience you enjoy.  You'll feel so confident!
What makes me a photography expert?  I have honed my craft over the last 15 years and have earned awards for my photography. I have spent almost 20 years as a professional trainer, educator and coach, giving me the professional skills to guide and work with you. I studied business and marketing for 6 years, spent 10 years in marketing management and ended up teaching business, digital technology and photography skills. My process for helping you develop your brand and give you empowering photographs is what I do well.
Family photo of Dave Laura Noah Grace Poppy and Oscar

The Roberts clan

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